Central Asian Shepherd Dog Health Guarantee

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We guarantee that, to the best of our knowledge, Central Asian Shepherd Dog puppy is in good health, has up-to-date vaccination, has been de-wormed and micro chipped.

Until the Puppy/Dog’s age of 12 months Buyer may return Puppy/Dog for a refund of purchase price less non-refundable AUD 500 deposit if a licensed veterinarian finds that the puppy suffers from a life threatening or debilitating genetic disorder or deformity.  Buyer understands that intestinal parasites, bacteria and irregularities are common in puppies and do not constitute disease or defect in the Puppy/Dog.

  Buyer agrees to research appropriate nutrition, exercise and supplements as they relate to the growth and development of large breed puppies AND agrees to apply these principles to the development of their Central Asian Shepherd.

  Seller offers a hip-elbow guarantee on said Puppy/Dog until the age of 12 months. If Puppy/Dog is diagnosed with crippling elbow\hip dysplasia by OFA/PennHIP licensed veterinary radiologist, that results in the Puppy/Dog having to be euthanized due to the severity of the condition,  and provided it is not proven to be from environment or lack of care and is deemed genetic.  Seller agrees to refund the purchase price of said Puppy/Dog minus the $500 nonrefundable deposit or a one-time puppy replacement  from a future litter if one is available at Sellers discretion, Seller cannot guarantee “pick order” in future litter.  A FULL report (including the Puppy/Dog X-ray images) with written explanation from your licensed Veterinarian needs to be sent to the Seller immediately (within 24 hours). Buyer is responsible for all expenses at the vet, medical and all other expenses incurred to the diagnosis of said Puppy/Dog. In the event the of a replacement puppy, Buyer agrees that they are responsible for shipping costs.

The puppy is to be given good quality food and have regular veterinary care.  Adequate shelter and confinement with a safe, fenced area is to be provided when his is not in the house.  We recommend enrolling the puppy to obedience/agility classes so to facilitate its socialization and mental development.