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Our goal is promotion and popularization of Central Asian Shepherd Dogs (CASD) in Australia. We advocate for diversity and sustainability of CASD in this country as well as preservation of its unique qualities. We aim to bring in imported dogs to enhance gene pool of the CASD population in Australia.

Large dogs always impress upon imagination in a way that a powerful natural phenomenon does. However, while observing forces of nature such as rage of a mountain river one feels not only delight but also vulnerability. It is not so with a large dog. On the contrary, it invokes confidence and sense of affinity with its power.

Such is the Central Asian Shepherd Dog. It is the dog from a legend. How many breeds can you think of whose known history spans thousands of years? Central Asian Shepherd Dog has forty centuries behind it: just try to imagine this abyss of time. And it used to be tough times for it. It had to endure continuous hardship and fight its archenemy: wolf. In reality only a few breeds of dogs deserve to be called a wolfhound. Central Asian Shepherd Dog is one of them.

Nowadays CASD still preserves its impressive qualities. Its popularity is growing. It is one of the well recognized bodyguard breeds. It is the one that is being described as a "serious dog for serious people". People who have ever owned a CASD fall in love with it.

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